interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas

Ronald Stoyan & Stephan Schurig
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The interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas helps observers choose and find stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. This full-sky atlas has a limiting magnitude of 9.5, plotting over 200,000 stars making it the ideal book for observers of all levels.

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Just grab the Guide and the Atlas and go out for a night of deep-sky observing, wherever you are!
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The interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas is an innovative, practical tool to choose and find stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

All objects are shown according to their actual visibility. Four main visibility classes separate out objects that can be seen through 4-, 8- and 12-inch telescopes. Within each visibility class, the objects are labeled in different type weights and using graduated shades and colors for the symbols. It is the ideal companion for amateur observers of all levels.

Features include:

  • Spiral-bound and printed in red-light friendly colors on dew-resistant paper, this full-sky atlas has a limiting magnitude of 9.5, plotting over 200,000 stars.
  • Carefully structured to distinguish between objects visible in different size telescopes, allowing for a customized experience.
  • Shows many rare and unusual observing catalogs in their entirety.
Published by Cambridge University Press
Desk Edition
Spiral Bound
Author: Ronald Stoyan & Stephan Schurig
Size: 11 x 11
Pages: 264
Author Bio

Ronald Stoyan, Oculum-Verlag GmbH
Ronald Stoyan is Editor-in-Chief of interstellarum, and the proprietor of the independent German publisher Oculum-Verlag, which specializes in amateur astronomy books. He is the founding director of the German deep sky organization 'Fachgruppe Deep Sky' and has authored or co-authored twelve books on practical astronomy, including Atlas of the Messier Objects, The Cambridge Photographic Star Atlas and the Atlas of Great Comets.

Stephan Schurig
Stephan Schurig is a web and graphics design expert. Being an observer himself, he understands the specific needs of celestial cartography and its presentation. He is co-author of Germany's most popular planisphere, and is the designing author of a unique annual poster showing events in the night sky.

Table of Contents
Key maps
List of catalog abbreviations
The atlas charts
Index of deep sky objects
Astronomy Discover