interstellarum Deep Sky Guide

Ronald Stoyan & Uwe Glahn
Item #81259

The interstellarum Deep Sky Guide helps deep-sky observers find and identify objects and their features. This guide features 2,362 of the “coolest” deep-sky targets in the sky, all in one spiral bound volume.

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Just grab the Guide and the Atlas and go out for a night of deep-sky observing, wherever you are!
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The interstellarum Deep Sky Guide takes all the hassle out of preparing for observing sessions - there's no need to print star charts or photos. Taking a visual approach, the Guide focuses on carefully selected objects, either as colored composite POSS plates or through the authors' own eyepiece sketches. They allow you to estimate the visibility of features in the telescope while planning observations. Stars and other objects in the vicinity are highlighted, so they also serve as finder charts at night.

Features include:

  • Over 2,300 deep-sky objects are shown, with catalog number, object type, constellation, nickname, short descriptions, and observational hints.
  • Features more than 1,500 color finder charts, using red and blue channels of Palomar Observatory Sky Survey II plates.
  • Hundreds of detailed pencil drawings made by the authors, providing the best approximation of what may be seen visually.
  • If you also have the Atlas, an index map on each spread allows you to quickly find each object's location in the Atlas.

Published by Cambridge University Press
Desk Edition
Spiral Bound

Author: Ronald Stoyan & Uwe Glahn
Size: 11 x 11
Pages: 264
Author Bio

Ronald Stoyan, Oculum-Verlag GmbH, Germany
Ronald Stoyan is Senior Editor of Abenteuer Astronomie magazine, and the proprietor of the independent German publisher Oculum-Verlag, which specializes in amateur astronomy books. He has authored or co-authored twelve books on practical astronomy, including Atlas of the Messier Objects (Cambridge, 2008), The Cambridge Photographic Star Atlas (Cambridge, 2017), Atlas of Great Comets (Cambridge, 2015) and the interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas (Cambridge, 2014).

Uwe Glahn
Uwe Glahn has been an active deep sky observer for more than 25 years. With homemade telescopes of different sizes, he documents his results through classic sketches, which are published regularly in national and international magazines and books. His website,, records all of his results.

Table of Contents
Key maps
List of catalog abbreviations
Map charts
Index of deep-sky objects
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