Atlas of the Stars

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Don't miss this all-in-one guide to the stars.

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Digital edition powered by Zinio™ and available for Android™ devices, iPad®, iPhone®, PC and Macintosh®.
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Don't miss this 100-page, must-have guide to the stars.

  • Contains 87,000 stars down to magnitude 8.5.
  • Has more than 1,200 deep-sky objects.
  • Enjoy more than 100 high-quality photographs of celestial objects.
  • Star maps are highly accurate.

Atlas of the Stars is now available in a convenient digital format so you can enjoy your favorite hobby on your PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, iPhone and select Android devices version 2.2 or higher. Powered by Zinio™, digital editions are available on PC; Macintosh; Android™; iPad®; iPhone®; and Windows.

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