Allende Meteorite - .5g

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Get your own authentic meteorite!  The Allende Meteorite is one of the most famous and studied meteorites of all time and was discovered in 1969.  Exclusively from Astronomy magazine.
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Get your own authentic meteorite!  Found in 1969, the meteorite fell as a shower of stones over the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

This unique specimen is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite and contains calcium-aluminum inclusions which represent some of the first sold matter to form in the solar system.  It is the largest carbonaceous chondrite ever to be found on earth.  Its large size has allowed extensive research to be conducted on samples, giving it a reputation as the "best-studied meteorite in history."

Each fragment comes in a protective acrylic display case with an informational card and seal of authenticity. 

It has been analyzed by experts to verify its authenticity, composition, and classification.  Details regarding provenance and compositional analysis have been listed in the official catalogue of approved meteorites by The Meteoritical Society and the Lunar and Planetary Institute. 

Average weight of each meteorite is .5g.

Authenticity provided by STEMcell Science Shop.

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