Meteorite Exploration Kit

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The Meteorite Exploration Kit, developed by expert Michael Bakich exclusively for Astronomy magazineis the ideal way to introduce students and astronomy enthusiasts to various types of meteorites. 
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This Astronomy magazine exclusive Meteorite Kit is the ideal way to introduce students and astronomy enthusiasts to the various types of meteorites. Each kit includes 6 meteorite samples and 3 meteorwrong samples, each in individually labeled cases for easy identification. Also contains a loupe magnifier and magnet for further investigation. 
A 16-page educational booklet will be included with the Meteorite Kit and covers topics such as a history of meteorites, locations of where they have been found, and a guide to start your own meteorite collection. 
Detailed List of Contents:  
Northwest Africa 12925, Carbonaceous chondrite, CK5 
- Northwest Africa 7977, Stone, HED achondrite, diogenite 
Agoudal – Natural, Iron, IIAB 
Agoudal – Cleaned, Iron, IIAB 
Agoudal - Shatter Cone, Impactite 
Pumice - Meteorwrong 
Garnet - Meteorwrong 
Magnetite - Meteorwrong 
- Loupe Magnifier 
- Magnet 
Individually labeled cases 
- 16 Page Informational Booklet 
Recommended ages 10+


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