Jon Lomberg Milky Way Print Set

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Own these exclusive limited-edition prints from Jon Lomberg and Astronomy!  

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Own this set of magnificent prints by Jon Lomberg, each featuring the Milky Way with a different perspective.

  • Portrait of the Milky Way is a 39" x 25" glossy reproduction and has been considered one of the most accurate depictions of our Milky Way Galaxy ever made.  It includes a finder's guide to help identify the many real clusters, nebulae, and other objects included in the painting.
  • Encyclopedia Galactica is a 30" x 21" glossy print that depicts our home galaxy as a network of civilizations at varying stages of technological advancement.  It includes an informational guide describing the decades-long history behind Encyclopedia Galactica and the symbolism behind the unique designs Lomberg uses to represent civilizations. 


Both prints ship rolled and tubed.

Artist: Jon Lomberg

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