Jupiter Globe - 12-inch

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Order the first of its kind Jupiter Globe exclusively from Astronomy magazine.

The custom-produced 12" injection-molded desktop globe features images from the Cassini mission in 2000, as well as the Juno space probe in 2016.  There are 18 identified and labeled features, only one seam and a clear acrylic base.

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Get to know the "gas giant" with this stunning 12" desktop globe, the first ever high resolution globe of the planet.  

Astronomy magazine is proud to unveil the all-new Jupiter Globe - available exclusively from MyScienceShop.com.  Developed by the staff of Astronomy magazine and Björn Jónsson, an Icelandic software developer and expert on converting spacecraft image data into stunning planetary maps, this globe was produced using images from the Cassini and Juno spacecraft.  Jónsson first created a global map of Jupiter using only Cassini data way back in 2005.  But in May 2018, he updated his original global mosaic with the latest Juno data, which added data on the coverage of Jupiter's poles.

This highly detailed, injection-molded 12" desktop globe identifies 18 features, including The Great Red Spot, Oval BA, and the distinct bands of fast-moving clouds that run parallel to the equator.

Whether you're a casual astronomer or observer, or a science educator, you won't want to be without this incredible new depiction of Jupiter.

Each globe is made of long-lasting durable plastic with just a single seam between hemispheres and comes with a clear acrylic display base and informational flyer.

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