Percival Lowell Mars Globe - 6-inch

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Explore the history of the Red Planet with this unique and intriguing 6-inch Mars globe.  The Lowell Observatory and Astronomy magazine partnered to recreate Percival Lowell's 1911 drawings in the first-ever Percival Lowell Mars globe available to consumers.
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For the first time ever, Astronomy magazine has partnered with the Lowell Observatory to create a truly unique globe.  This high-quality injection molded 6" globe clearly depicts the intricate details Percival Lowell included on his 1911 Mars drawing.

Among the most intriguing artifacts in the Putnam Collection Center at Lowell Observatory are a series of small Mars globes created by Percival Lowell himself, of which the first dates to his observing campaign in 1894 and the last from 1915-1916.  Their most striking aspect is their tangle of intersecting straight lines, which represent the famous "canals" or Mars.  Lowell famously thought them the work of intelligent beings who created a vast irrigation system in order to pump water from the polar caps to grow crops in the equatorial regions.

Now, as a result of the unique collaboration between Lowell Observatory and Astronomy magazine, you can acquire your own facsimile replica of one of the Lowell Mars globes - that of 1911, especially chosen for its high aesthetic value, and dating to a year when Lowell was in transition.  He observed the late November Mars opposition that year, even while he was increasingly occupied with calculations related to the planet he postulated beyond Neptune, then headed off with Mrs. Lowell for his perennial trip to Europe where - fortunately delayed in their return - they narrowly escaped sinking with the Titanic on its maiden voyage.  On his return to Flagstaff he created the original of this exquisite globe, which we are now delighted to present to lovers of Mars everywhere.

This highly detailed, injection-molded 6" desktop globe is made of long-lasting durable plastic with just a single seam between hemispheres and comes with an acrylic base with built-in magnifier and informational flyer.


“We at Astronomy Magazine are terrifically excited about this unique collaboration with Lowell Observatory. ‘America’s Observatory’ in Flagstaff has a unique history, and this amazing artifact, showing Percival Lowell’s famous observations, will become a treasured part of the observatories and libraries and collections of astronomy enthusiasts everywhere.”

― David J. Eicher, Astronomy Magazine