Astronomy January 2020

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Top 10 space stories of 2019
New Horizons visited the most distant solar system world yet, we learned how a year in space affects the human body, and astronomers produced the first photo of the shadow around a black hole.
Alison Klesman

Stand under the ring of fire
The annular eclipse June 21 tracks a narrow path across our planet. Choose the right spot to see it.
Michael Bakich

Sky This Month
Venus meets Neptune
Martin Ratcliffe and Alister Ling

Star Dome and Paths of the Planets
Richard Talcott; Illustrations by Roen Kelly

In pursuit of Planet Nine
A slew of oddly orbiting objects seems to suggest a massive and as yet unseen world is skulking in the outer reaches of our solar system.
Jake Parks

Tour five great Australian observatories
If you plan a trip to the Land Down Under, be sure to check out these great astronomical sites.
Dan Falk

Inside the Perseus Molecular Cloud
Myriad stars, bright and dark nebulae, and clusters lie prepared throughout the bright winter constellation Perseus.
Stephan James O’Meara

Ask Astro
Planets with two suns

Astronomy Discover