Astronomy September 2015

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Astronomy September 2015

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Starmus will honor Stephen Hawking in 2016
by David J. Eicher
Next summer, the science festival will revolve around the life of the renowned theoretical physicist.

Multiverses: Science or science fiction
by Bob Berman
Bob Berman explores the strange ideas that drive theorists to believe in parallel universes.

Rendezvous with an evolving comet
by Richard Talcott
As Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko heads closer to the Sun and grows more active, the Rosetta and Philae spacecraft scrutinize its complex behavior.

The weirdest star in the universe
by Yvette Cendes
Astronomers dreamt up the idea of Thorne Zytkow objects — dead stars inside dying stars — in the 1970s. Only recently have they tracked one down.

Eclipse of the Super Moon
by Dean Regas
On September 27, the biggest Full Moon of the year will pass through Earth’s shadow.

Astronomy's sixth annual Star Products
By Phil Harrington
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