Astronomy September 2014

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September 2014
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Where is astronomy going?
by Sarah Scoles
We ask 20 scientists what they think about the future and the next big discoveries.

Has NASA lost its edge?
by Liz Kruesi
The next couple decades will see Europe, China, and Japan take over space missions.

How the universe will end
by Francis Reddy
First, Earth becomes uninhabitable, and then our galaxy collides with its neighbors. The rest is fascinating guesswork.

Meet astronaut Chris Hadfield
by Michael E. Bakich
This Canadian has flown more than 70 planes, has been in space three times, and is the only accomplished guitarist at zero g.

Starmus Festival takes off!
by David J. Eicher
The Canary Islands host astronomy's most amazing event where you can mingle with astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, and rock stars!

Of star parties and star seekers
by David J. Eicher
Astronomy's star party gave way to visits to Kitt Peak, MMT, and the Whipple Observatory.

All about 47 Tucanae
by Raymond Shubinski
This southern-sky wonder is beautiful to look at and even better for scientists to study.

Animating the Moon
by Erika Rix
Move over, Pixar, Erika Rix made a movie out of the Moon.

Astronomy's fifth annual Star Products
by Phil Harrington
These 35 amazing telescopes, cameras, and accessories will have you dreaming about starry nights.
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