Astronomy June 2014

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June 2014
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Weird moons of the solar system
by Dean Regas
A Star Wars satellite, a sponge-like celestial body, and a world on fire — these are just some of the oddities you’ll find on a tour of planetary moons.

The newest big thing in radio astronomy
by Tania Burchell
The 66-antenna Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array catches radio waves that remain hidden from other telescopes.

A new way to search for life in space
by Bruce Dorminey
Photosynthesis is arguably the most critical key to life on Earth.

How to observe variable nebulae
by Richard Jakiel
Check out these deep-sky objects.

Chasing the Moon's shadow through Africa
by Liz Kruesi, Richard Talcott
Our adventures offered dramatic scenery and some stunning eclipse vistas.

Starmus rocks astronomy!
by David J. Eicher
A unique festival of astronomy, space exploration, telescopes, and music will shake up the Canary Islands in September 2014.

Remote observing takes a giant leap forward
by Damian A. Peach
The iTelescope.Net service provides telescopes, cameras, filters, and more at dark sites, allowing you to acquire images online.
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