Astronomy March 2013

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March 2013
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How astronomers know the universe’s age
By Liz Kruesi
After decades of analyzing stars and the cosmic expansion rate, scientists nailed down the age of the universe — simply by listening.
pg. 22

A new eye on the violent universe
By Yvette Cendes
An observatory the size of Rhode Island seeks to understand the most energetic particles in the universe.
pg. 28

China’s race to study the cosmos
By Eric Peng
As this eastern nation grows prosperous, a renewed focus on science moves it closer to the forefront of research.
pg. 44

Explore spring’s best deep-sky objects
By Michael E. Bakich
Whether you own a small or large telescope, you’ll experience some terrific celestial treats.
pg. 50

A day with two dawns
By Michael E. Bakich, Richard Talcott
Perfect weather on eclipse morning brought stunning views of the solar corona, prominences, and two diamond rings, but it was just one highlight of our trips across Australia.
pg. 56

Get ready for Comet PANSTARRS
By Michael E. Bakich
The brightest comet of the past six years will stand out in the evening sky.
pg. 60

Stellarvues 6.3-inch refractor field-tested
By Jon Talbot
Superb optics and a top-notch focuser place this apochromat high on any observer’s want list.
pg. 64
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