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September 2012
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Quest for the most distant objects
By Adam Frank
The search for the first structures in the universe has baffled astronomers for decades. But telescopes now on the horizon promise to shed new light.
pg. 20

Brian May: A life in science and music
By David J. Eicher
You know him best as guitarist, singer, and songwriter from the rock group Queen, but Brian May is also a Pd.D. astronomer, popularizer of the cosmos, stereophotography enthusiast, and advocate for animal rights.
pg. 26

Black holes in our backyard
By Richard Talcott
Black holes are the most astounding objects in the universe. And at least 19 of them lurk within the Milky Way.
pg. 44

Wander the wonders of the King’s constellation
By Michael E. Bakich
Cepheus contains enough star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies to keep you observing a long time.
pg. 52

You should observe the Full Moon!
By Michael E. Bakich
Mountains and lava plains, rays, and a hint of color invite exploring a bright Moon.
pg. 54

Astronomy’s third annual Star Products
By Phil Harrington
Get ready to ogle some amazing equipment as we honor the 35 best telescopes, cameras, and accessories produced in the past year.
pg. 56
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