Astronomy February 2012

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February 2012
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50 years of Americans in space
By Bill Andrews
Since John Glenn's orbital flight, we've visited the Moon, built space stations, and learned about our place in the universe.
pg. 20

What are we doing in space?
By Brian May
The success of space travel in the future will depend on humans reining in their aggressive nature and pursuing science instead.
pg. 26

Will we go back to the Moon?
By Robert Zimmerman
The end of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program created doubt about future manned lunar missions. Now, private industries and international competition might be our best hope.
pg. 32

10 great winter binocular sights
By Phil Harrington
All you need besides a clear, dark sky to see some fantastic seasonal sky treats are your binoculars.
pg. 46

Spot a near-Earth asteroid
By Richard Talcott
This winter offers the best opportunity in 37 years to glimpse the asteroid 433 Eros.
pg. 48

View the stars under Earth’s darkest sky
By Tom Polakis
An observing site in Chile’s Atacama Desert offers telescope rentals for spectacular views of southern sky wonders.
pg. 50

Haunting Prague with Kepler and Tycho
By David J. Eicher
Editor David J. Eicher traveled with Astronomy readers to see astronomical history in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.
pg. 53

Astronomy tests two tracking mounts
By Tony Hallas
Astroimager Tony Hallas looks at two highly portable accessories that will let you shoot the sky without straining your back.
pg. 56
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