Astronomy July 2008

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July 2008
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Are we looking for life in the right places?
For years, astrobiologists have looked for life on other worlds by "following the water." But could other substances hold the key?
By Daniel Pendick

The life and death of super suns
Wolf-Rayet stars are big, hot, and bright, spewing gas and dust in all directions. Understanding how they die could help solve the mystery of what triggers the universe's biggest blasts.
By Robert Zimmerman

Did ancient astronomers build Stonehenge?
The driving force behind the building of Stonehenge was more theater than science.
By Dan Falk

Observing the way it was meant to be
What we saw through a 30-inch telescope under an inky black sky blew our minds.
By Michael E. Bakich

Find your way through the summer sky
Fill your summer nights exploring easy-to-find constellations, bright stars, and the Milky Way.
By Michael E. Bakich
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