Astronomy June 2007

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June 2007
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The supernova next door
Eta Carinae's massive eruptions warn the superstar's explosive destruction may come sooner than suspected. FRANCIS REDDY

The first new world
When William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 - the first planet found since antiquity - he opened a frontier astronomers are still exploring. JULIE WAKEFIELD

Saturn's sweet surprises
New rings, long-lost spokes, and methane lakes highlight the Cassini spacecraft's latest discoveries at Saturn. RICHARD TALCOTT

Illustrated: Anatomy of a ringed planet
Saturn's beauty comes at a cost - and it's the moons that pay. FRANCIS REDDY

Explore forgotten Scorpius
To spice up your summer observing, zero in on these often overlooked deep-sky gems. STEVE COE

How I discovered digital astroimaging
An experienced skyshooter trades in film for pixels - and opens up a new world. JASON WARE

Rebirth of a classic: the Porter Garden Telescope
One of the last century's most-celebrated small telescopes is set to make a comeback. MIKE D. REYNOLDS
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