Astronomy February 2007

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February 2007
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What if string theory is wrong?
If it is, then dark matter, dark energy, and cosmic inflation are in big trouble. STEN ODENWALD

Mars like you've never seen it
The first color images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbite's high-resolution camera show details not much bigger than a bread box. ALFRED S. MCEWEN

What makes Mira tick?
Changes in this star''s complex atmosphere power its pulsations. ROBERT ZIMMERMAN

How astronomers glimpse the naked galaxy
By observing in infrared wavelengths, astronomers peer through obscuring dust and reveal the Milky Way''s spiral structure. ROBERT BENJAMIN

Explore winter's 12 best star clusters
These must-see stellar treats look their best in winter's crisp, clear air. STEVE COE

Big bang for your astronomy bucks
A few dollars can add value to your observing kit. MICHAEL E. BAKICH

Simple steps to save the night sky
Light pollution is a growing problem, but you can help curtail it. BOB GENT

Get the most from CCD images
CCD cameras are revolutionizing astroimaging, enabling amateurs to capture more detail than ever. ADAM BLOCK

Celestron's SkyScout
No telescope? No problem. Just pull out this handheld device, and you'll be identifying stars in no time. GLENN CHAPLE
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