Astronomy November 2005

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November 2005
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Do we live in a cosmic shooting gallery?
Eerie connections between energetic blasts and extinctions may explain more than our own history. STEVE NADIS

The search for diamond worlds
Some planets may be made of diamonds — and could survive anything the universe throws at them. RAY VILLARD

As far as Hubble can see
Get an insider’s look at the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. SANGEETA MALHOTRA

The biggest hole in the Moon
A gigantic impact basin holds the keys to the solar system’s past and may be a base for human exploration. JAMES OBERG

The tenth planet
Move over Pluto, even larger ice worlds exist in the outer solar system. FRANCIS REDDY

Sketch the universe
Sharpen your observing eye by capturing what you see on paper. MICHAEL E. BAKICH

Set your sights on Mars
The Red Planet makes its best appearance until 2018. Now is the time to see it! MICHAEL E. BAKICH

Shoot the Moon
Taking high-resolution lunar photos demands patience and ruthless determination. ROBERT BURNHAM

Bringing the stars down to Earth
Coast to coast, club-run observatories serve amateur astronomers and their communities. PHIL HARRINGTON

A telescope mount for the 21st century
Vixen’s Sphinx mount delivers precision tracking and a next-generation controller. JEFF MEDKEFF
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