Astronomy September 2004

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September 2004
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Listening for a whisper
The keys to searching for life elsewhere in the universe are sky coverage and computing speed. The Allen Telescope Array, the latest project from the SETI Institute, has plenty of both - and astronomers are hoping for results in the near future. SETH SHOSTAK

Our local star factory
A ring of bright, naked-eye stars called Gould's Belt surrounds the Sun. It's the outcome of a burst of star-making that took place in this part of the Milky Way roughly 30 million years ago. MATTHEW TERRY

Cassini spies Phoebe
The Cassini spacecraft made its first close approach to a member of the saturnian system this summer, passing within 1,200 miles of the captured moon Phoebe. RICHARD TALCOTT

Trekking the autumn sky
Touring the universe's galaxies, nebulae, colorful stars, and beautiful clusters doesn't require a giant telescope. Even a small instrument can show you a lot. IAN RIDPATH

Shooting the sky
Think you need a CCD camera to do great imaging? Don't throw away your film camera just yet. Two California astrophotographers are proving terrific images still can be made on film. BILL AND SALLY FLETCHER

The Oregon Star Party
The Oregon Star Party offers amateur astronomers one of the darkest observing sites in the country. Despite its remote location, visitors still can enjoy a cappuccino and surf the Web while waiting to take a shower. TOM POLAKIS

Canon 10D digital camera
The era of the digital SLR has arrived, and one camera is leadingt the way. But is it suited for astrophotography? Find out in this pictorial review. MARK HANSON AND R. A. GREINER
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