Astronomy July 2003

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July 2003
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Goldilocks and the three planets
What was it about Earth’s atmosphere that made our planet “just right” for life, while Mars and Venus became inhospitable? Although the phrase "greenhouse gases" has taken on threatening overtones in recent years, these gases historically were responsible for creating an Earth (and perhaps even a Mars) capable of sustaining life. — Naomi Lubick

Trial by fire
The breakup of the shuttle Columbia is only the latest in a string of spaceflight mishaps that range from the tragic to the absurd. Bob Berman argues that risk is inevitable in the quest to go where no one has gone before. — Bob Berman

Seeing sharper
Astronomers are learning how to combine light from more than one telescope to create virtual telescopes with incredible resolution. — Rolf Danner and Ray Jayawardhana

Gorgeous, bright nebulae, star clusters, dark nebulae, and star clouds lie within the heart of the Milky Way in Sagittarius. — Tom Polakis

Simple skyshooting
Learn to record the ever-changing sky with a regular camera and sturdy tripod. Examples abound in this how-to piece on astrophotography. — John Shibley

A visit to Star Hill Inn
Are you looking for a special vacation retreat — one with dark skies, large telescopes, and friendly guides? Star Hill Inn is the place for you. — Tom Polakis

Gunning for the gas giants
Uranus and Neptune are surprisingly easy to spot with binoculars and telescopes. Use this handy guide to locate them over the next several months. — Alister Ling
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