Anatomy Puzzle Volume 4: Right Arm

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Someone can always give you a hand, but why not a whole arm?! Discover the inner workings of the right arm by completing this accurate rendition from the shoulder down to the fingertips. Science can always be fun when you get to learn piece by piece.
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The fourth volume of Dr. Livingston’s Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: The Right Arm has you assemble a cross-cut section of the right upper arm and forearm. This puzzle focuses on musculature and shows how each muscle and tendon relates to the next. This view of the right arm shows how soft tissue enables us to flex and extend our upper limbs, push and pull and guide why we grasp.

  • Contains 478 pieces

  • Puzzle is 100% Accurate and is magnified 200%

  • Guide on inside of box helps in completion of the puzzle

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