Origami Circuits Kit

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Add lights and motors to your paper craft projects!  Create dozens of projects that light up and move using conductive tape, LEDs, and motors.  Exclusively from Discover magazine.

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Introducing all-new STEM Kits from Discover magazine.  Perfect for educators and families, our first-ever line of STEM kits includes the supplies you need to create your own projects while learning the basics of electronics, circuitry, and solar energy.  The included step-by-step guide is easy to follow whether you are a seasoned educator or a parent looking for something fun to do with your child.

Combine simple electronics and the centuries-old Japanese paper craft art of Origami with this exclusive STEM kit.  By adding LEDs and self-sticking motors, you can create 3D paper craft projects that move, light up, and blink.  Nylon-based Maker Tape allows you to connect components by sticking tape to them, but it also is Z-Axis conductive, which means you can overlap two pieces of tape to create an electrical connection.

Kits include origami paper and supplies for five quick and easy builds.  Additional projects and instructions are also available.

Each kit includes:

  • 30pc Origami Paper
  • 12 Binder Clips
  • 10 Blinking LEDs
  • 5 Jumbo LEDs
  • 5 CR2032 Batteries
  • 4 Vibrating Motors
  • 1 Robot Template
  • 1 5m Roll 1/4" Maker Tape™
Recommended for ages 10+