STEM 101 Activity Kit

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Who needs a science laboratory when this deluxe STEM kit has everything you need? This deluxe kit includes all the pieces and instructions to complete 35 engaging science activities that teach and reinforce the basics of physics, engineering, and more.
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It has never been more fun to learn! Engage children of all ages with STEM toys that will encourage them to explore, understand and be inspired by the world of science, technology, engineering and math.

Everything curious kids need to build and create hands-on experiments and activities relating to lots of different types of science! This deluxe kit includes a wide range of tools and pieces like gears, test tubes, wheels, mirrors, and so much more along with an activity book featuring 35 amazing projects and the science behind them. 

Build animated gear-driven machines, construct zoetropes and catapults, experiment with lenses and optics, and conduct chemistry experiments. Kids will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re absorbing STEM concepts that translate to real-world skills. 

Includes 119 pieces of real science equipment and building materials: 4 Boards, 4 Long Posts, 4 Short Posts, 6 Long Axles, 8 Medium Axles, 8 Short Axles, 2 Big Gears, 2 Medium Gears, 2 Small Gears, 4 Wheels, 4 Wheel Grips, 16 Collars, 1 Crank, 1 Handle, 2 Hubs, 1 Notch Cap, 1 Magnifying Lens, 3 Mini Graduated Cylinders, 1 Erlenmeyer Flask, 1 Graduated Beaker, 2 Large Rubber Bands, 2 Small Rubber Bands, 2 Foam Balls, 1 String, 3 Balloons, 1 Straw, 3 Papercraft Sheets, and 30 Activity Cards.

Recommended for ages 8 and up

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