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Spark imagination! With this kit, you’ll learn how to write code that controls the machines you build. The project guide shows you the series of projects to build and the code needed to function. Storage is included and magnetic parts hold to the surface, making for great organization and easy building. There are a total of 14 projects to build and explore!

Included: Project Guide Booklet, one  Microcontroller circuitboard (arduino-compatible), one USB Cable, one USB Thumb drive (2GB), one 400 PT Breadboard (clear plastic), eighty  assorted jumper cables, twelve  Red LEDs, twelve Yellow LEDs, twelve Green LEDs, ten multi-colored LEDs, twenty-five 330 Ohm Resistors, twenty-five 10k Ohm Resistors, one BATTERY CONNECTOR (6 x AA),ten Tactile push button switch, five Potentiometers, one Mini magnetic buzzer, one Temperature sensor, four Darlington Transistors, twelve Diodes, one Integrated Circuit 8-bit Shift Register chip, two 6/9v DC Motor, one Toy Servo Motor, one Small screwdriver, one Acrylic Developer Plate, four small machine screws, eight hex nuts

Recommended for ages 10+

10 x 7 x 2.8 inches

Weight: 2.51 pounds


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