Meteorite NWA 14460

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Get your own authentic meteorite!  This sample from NWA 14460 was discovered in Algeria in 2021. Exclusively from Astronomy magazine.
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Discovered in Algeria in 2021, this meteorite is what planetary scientists call an ordinary chondrite, which means it's a stony meteorite that contains blobs of material called chondrules.  Its official meteorical designation is Northwest Africa 14460 (NWA 14460).

This meteorite also holds some iron-nickel alloys and associated minerals such as chromite and apatite. 

Each fragment comes in a protective acrylic display case with an informational card and seal of authenticity. 

It has been analyzed by experts to verify its authenticity, composition, and classification.  Details regarding provenance and compositional analysis have been listed in the official catalogue of approved meteorites by The Meteoritical Society and the Lunar and Planetary Institute. 

Average weight of each meteorite is 1g,

Authenticity provided by STEMcell Science Shop.

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