Black Hole Tungsten Model

Item #81776

This unique tungsten sphere model has been engineered to have exactly the same radius as the Schwarzschild radius of Earth. This is the compressed mass at which the radius of Earth would become a black hole.
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Comprehend the scale of black holes and their extreme density with this unique model of the Schwarzschild radius of the Earth. Made of one of the densest elements in the universe, this tungsten model depicts the radius of Earth if it were to become so dense that light can longer escape it. If it would be compressed smaller than this, Earth would become a black hole.

This remarkable model was recently used as a visual aid in a lecture on black holes by renown astrophysicist Brian Greene. Perfect for teachers and professors demonstrating their teachings or for astronomy enthusiast wanting to build out their space model collection, this high-quality model is a great visual representation of this fascinating phenomenon.


Manufacturer: The STEMcell Science Shop

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