Indium 10mm Metal Cube

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Collecting elements is a fun way to learn about chemistry and nature in general.  Now you can own Indium in a 10mm cube!
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Indium is known for being a soft metal.  It is actually the only air-stable metal that can actually be cut with a knife (but it still wouldn't be easy). 

It is this exact property that makes the creation of these cubes a challenge - if you pick them up with anything firmer than fleshy fingertips, like a tool for example, you'd instantly feel the metal giving away.  Please note that you will need to use extreme care in handling these cubes if you want to preserve their delicate shape.

Now you can own a 10mm cube of indium, with a weight of 7.45 +/- .05g.

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Brand: Luciteria

*note: multiple cube sizes are shown - order will contain one 10mm cube.