Molybdenum 10mm Metal Cube

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Collecting elements is a fun way to learn about chemistry and nature in general.  Now you can own Molybdenum in a 10mm cube!
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Molybdenum is an industrial metal that is usually used as an additive in steel. It is too rare and costly to play a significant role in pure form. As a powder it is toxic, irritating the skin and lungs. However, as a solid metal it is harmless and looks very similar to steel, though considerably heavier.

This bright metal cube made of 99.95% molybdenum has satisfyingly sharp corners and is a true delight to hold. Keep it near your workspace and it'll put a smile on your face every time you reach for it!

Now you can own a 10mm cube of molybdenum, with a weight of 10g.

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*note: multiple cube sizes are shown - order will contain one 10mm cube.
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