Tungsten 10mm Metal Cube

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 Collecting elements is a fun way to learn about chemistry and nature in general.  Now you can own Tungsten in a 10mm cube!
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Tungsten takes the record for highest melting point of any metal and is also notable for being much heavier than lead (19 vs 13 grams per cubic centimeter).

This truly beautiful cube was specially commissioned from a manufacturer that employs a hi-tech spark erosion process to give unbelievably tight tolerances and a stunning finish. Although tungsten is traditionally a dark gray metal, this machining process results in 99.95% pure tungsten that’s delightfully bright and reflective.

Now you can own a 10mm cube of tungsten, with a weight of 19.1g.

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Brand: Luciteria

*note: multiple cube sizes are shown - order will contain one 10mm cube.
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