Silicon 50mm Lucite Cube

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Now you can own a sample of silicon, frequently grown for use in the semiconductor industry, preserved in a 50mm block of crystal clear Lucite acrylic.
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Deep gray and super lustrous, these crystals are grown for use in the semiconductor industry.  Their texture is like that of obsidian but their color is more like that of mercury - an irresistibly beautiful combination.

Monocrystalline silicon is the purest form available for this or any other commercially available element.  At a mind-boggling 99.9999999% purity, this means there are fewer than one contaminant atoms per billion silicon ones!

The sample weighs about 10 grams and is embedded in a 50x50x50mm block of crystal clear Lucite acrylic.  This is the highest grade resin available with optical clarity that won't yellow or degrade with time.

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