Iron Meteorite 50mm Lucite Cube

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Now you can enjoy a piece of the Campo del Cielo meteroite, preserved in a two inch museum-grade Lucite block.
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In approximately 5000 BC, a bus-sized piece of iron pierced the sky above earth, ultimately scorching a 10 mile long trail in Argentina in a region known as Campo del Cielo.  First reported all the way back in 1576 by Spanish Conquistadors, the area has been one of the most studied meteorite fields in the world. 

Now you can own a fragment of this famous space rock.  With an estimated initial mass of 300 tons, each of these ounce-sized fragments represents about a millionth of the total mass.  X-ray analysis revealed the content of these samples to be 93.7% iron, 6.2% nickel and the remaining 0.1% to be mostly gold and other platinum group metals. 

Each cube comes encased in two inch museum-grade Lucite block, the highest grade resin available with optical clarity that won't yellow or degrade with time.

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