Solar System Mineral Kit

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Created by Astronomy contributor Michael Bakich and the editors of Astronomy magazine, this exclusive set includes a 16-page informational booklet introducing minerals of the solar system and nine high-quality mineral specimens such as Olivine, Quartz, Feldspar, Hematite Concretion, Augite, and more!  Enthusiasts and educators alike will enjoy exploring a wide variety of elements that can be found throughout the universe in this kit.
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It has never been more fun to learn! Engage children of all ages with STEM toys that will encourage them to explore, understand and be inspired by the world of science, technology, engineering and math. 

Explore moons and planets through exciting mineral specimens!

This Astronomy magazine exclusive Solar System Mineral Kit, created by Astronomy contributor and the editors at Astronomy magazine, is the ideal way to introduce students and astronomy enthusiasts to earthly minerals that represent the planets, moons, and asteroids within our solar system.

Each kit includes nine high-quality minerals stored in a divided storage container and an identification card with facts about each sample.

A 16-page educational booklet provides an in-depth explanation of each mineral sample and a comprehensive introduction to minerals of the solar system.

Detailed List of Contents: 

- Olivine - representing Mercury
- Quartz - representing Earth
- Feldspar - representing The Moon
- Hematite Concretion - representing Mars
- Aragonite - representing Ceres
- Sulfur - representing Io
- Gypsum - representing Europa
- Pyrite - representing Ganymede
- Augite - representing Oberon
- Divided Storage Case
- Identification Card with Facts
- 16 Page informational Booklet

Recommended ages 10+

Disclaimer: Samples of equal or higher value may be submitted depending on sample availability.

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