Ida Asteroid - 3D Model

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Own a 3D replica of Ida - Asteroid 243.
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On August 28, 1993, NASA's Galileo spacecraft - on its way to Jupiter - flew within 1,485 miles of Ida.  It was the second asteroid, after 951 Gaspra, to be visited by a spacecraft.  When astronomers examined the images Galileo sent back, they found that Ida had a satellite, which they named Dactyl.  It was the first discovery of an asteroid with a "moon."  Dactyl is quite small, measuring only 0.87 mile in diameter.

Astronomers classify Ida as an S-type asteroid, the most common type in the inner asteroid belt.  Its surface is one of the most heavily cratered in the solar system.  Ida is also 2.35 times as long as it is wide.  Researchers suspect that two asteroids joined in the distant past to form it.


  • Informative flyer with facts about the asteroid's discovery and features
  • Clear acrylic riser for desk display

Size 5.716 cm x 2.972 cm x 2.233 cm

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