Ceres Dwarf Planet - 3D Model

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Own a 3D replica of Ceres, the first asteroid discovered.
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Ceres was the first asteroid discovered.  The Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi discovered it on the first day of the 19th century: January 1, 1801.

Ceres is the largest of the asteroids, with a diameter of 587 miles.  It orbits the Sun in the main asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union changed Ceres' status from asteroid to dwarf planet.

On March 6, 2015, NASA's Dawn spacecraft went into orbit around Ceres.  Its mapping/data collection ended when it ran out of fuel November 1, 2018.  This 3D model was made using images Dawn sent back to Earth.  The spacecraft revealed that Ceres has a cratered surface, but not as many as astronomers expected. 


  • Informative flyer with facts about the asteroid's discovery and features
  • Clear acrylic riser for desk display

Size 4.984 cm x 4.97 cm x 4.631 cm

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