Extreme Earth

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Explore the violent and mysterious elements of our planet.
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Explore the violent and mysterious elements of our planet in EXTREME EARTH — a special issue from DISCOVER magazine.

Can we learn to control our planet’s turbulent, tormented atmosphere? Tornado hunters and environmental engineers are seeking a way.

The most dangerous earthquake zone you’ve never heard of: The Cascadia fault off America’s Pacific coast could start the next Big One.

What lies at the heart of Earth’s fiery core? Caltech geophysicist David Stevenson investigates our planet’s deepest mystery.

Digging for real buried treasure: Deep-sea robots may soon extract precious metals from the ocean floor.

Lessons from the Japanese tsunami and Hurricane Katrina
Faster than disaster: Can you outrun a wildfire?
The ice rivers that could hold the key to a warming planet.
Up in the air: Lightning machines, natural rayguns, and clouds that roll and twist

Bring the greatest minds in science down to earth with this special issue from DISCOVER magazine.

Publication Date: Winter 2012

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