The Brain Fall 2011

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Navigate the ultimate map of your mind: THE BRAIN
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Navigate the ultimate map of your mind: THE BRAIN

What’s really going on in that head of yours?
Find out in The Brain.

• MIND MAPS: Journey through 12 pages of never-before-seen digital images.
• AUTISM: Five new radical ideas about its causes and its cure.
• THE BRAIN BANK: Explore Harvard’s remarkable warehouse of 3,000 brains.
• ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Can a computer completely mimic the way we think?
• BIRD BRAINS: Are you smarter than a crow? You may not like the answer.
• SCHIZOPHRENIA: It may be caused by a virus—one that you already carry.

Connect with leading scientific minds as they explore the latest discoveries and theories in neuroscience. Be smart. Order your copy today!

Publication Date: Fall 2011

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