Antique Star Chart - The South Celestial Pole

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Schools and colleges throughout America regarded The Geography of the Heavens as a valuable tool for teaching astronomy. Author Elijah Hinsdale Burritt created this combination textbook and set of maps specifically to get students under the stars.

Now you can display this antique star chart featuring The South Celestial Pole from the 1835 star atlas in your home, office, or classroom, exclusively from Astronomy magazine.

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Exclusively from Astronomy magazine, this print from Elijah Hinsdale Burritt's The Geography of the Heavens, shows the stars around the South Celestial Pole, which is the point in space directly above the Earth's South Pole. 

The word "circumpolar" refers to stars and constellations that never set as seen from earthly locations.  So, for example, if you were at the South Pole at night, none of the stars shown on this chart would ever rise or set.  Instead, they all would make circles around the South Celestial Pole, which would be directly overhead.

Notable constellations featured on this map include Lepus the Hare, Grus the Crane, and Ara the Altar.

Each 22 1/2" x 21 5/16" print arrives rolled and tubed and comes with a four page informational guide detailing the history of Elijah Hinsdale Burritt, The Geography of the Heavens, and features at the South Celestial Pole that are shown in the print. 

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