Antique Star Chart - The Winter Sky

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Schools and colleges throughout America regarded The Geography of the Heavens as a valuable tool for teaching astronomy. Author Elijah Hinsdale Burritt created this combination textbook and set of maps specifically to get students under the stars.

Now you can display this antique star chart featuring The Winter Sky from the 1835 star atlas in your home, office, or classroom, exclusively from Astronomy magazine.

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Exclusively from Astronomy magazine, this print of the winter night sky from Elijah Hinsdale Burritt's The Geography of the Heavens, shows the stars that appear in the early evening when it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Some of the most familiar star patterns in the sky are in the Northern Hemisphere's winter sky. Among them are Gemini the Twins, Taurus the Bull, Canis Major the Large Dog, and perhaps the most famous and recognized constellation of all, Orion the Hunter.

Each 22 1/2" x 21 5/16" print arrives rolled and tubed and comes with a four page informational guide detailing the history of Elijah Hinsdale Burritt, The Geography of the Heavens, and features in the winter sky that are shown in the print. 

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