Snapspheres Celestial Globe - 4in

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Enjoy the night sky in an entirely new way with this high quality 16-piece puzzle globe from Snapspheres.

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This stunning, detailed 4" globe of the night sky includes all 88 constellations, the band of the Milky Way in full color, and plenty of labeled deep space objects. 

Not only is this globe a stunning display piece for your home or office - it's also a 16 piece puzzle!  Take a stab at assembling it on your own, or use the numbering system on the interior of the tiles as a guide.  The pieces fit together with the satisfying snap of rare earth magnets.

Once assembled, the globe sits on the included acrylic display stand.  Also included is a pouch in which to store the pieces when not in use.

Manufacturer: Snapspheres

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