Galilean Moon Globes - Set of 4

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Save 15% when you buy this set of all four Galilean moons!

Explore the four largest moons of Jupiter, all of which were discovered by Galileo Galilei using his telescope in 1610.

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Exclusively from Astronomy magazine, own the complete set of 12" globes featuring the four largest moons of Jupiter.

The set includes:

  • Io - Jupiter's innermost and highly volcanic Galilean moon
  • Europa - the icy moon, and also the smallest of the Galilean moons
  • Ganymede - the largest and most massive satellite in our solar system
  • Callisto - one of the most heavily cratered moons in our solar system

Each richly detailed, injection-molded 12" globe shows the most notable named surface features on each moon.  Made with long-lasting durable plastic with just a single seam between hemispheres, each comes with a clear acrylic display case and informational flyer.

Save 15% when you buy this complete set today!

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