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No one ever thought of poor little RNA until the coronavirus but now it’s a star! Working with DNA, RNA acts as an intermediate messenger for genes which is the unit of inheritance carried in DNA.

As seen in the COVID vaccine, messenger RNA causes cells to produce a protein that stimulates the production of antibodies that can destroy a virus if it attacks the body.

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GIANTmicrobes are plush organisms and cells that come with fun facts and are perfect for students, scientists, teachers, health professionals & anyone with a healthy sense of humor.

RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is a molecular cousin to DNA and works as a messenger for genes. While DNA is a doubled strand, RNA is typically a single strand in a cell. RNA is able to leave the cell’s nucleus (while DNA cannot) so RNA goes out to do work throughout the cell. The two most known types of RNA are messenger RNA and transfer RNA. Messenger RNA encodes for the amino acid sequence needed to make proteins. Transfer RNA recruits the proper amino acids needed to make a protein according to the sequence of the mRNA.

Size: Between 5” – 8” 

All New Materials. Content: Polyester Fiber. This product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. Appropriate for children 3 years of age and up. Surface washable using a sponge with water and soap and then left to air dry.