Martian Meteorite NWA 13187

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Get your very own piece of the Red Planet! This rare Martian Meteorite was discovered in 2019 in Algeria.
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Discovered in Algeria in 2019, this Martian Meteorite is a 30mg fragment from one of the rarest rocks on the planet. Its official meteorical designation is Northwest Africa 13187 (NWA 13187).

Less than 0.5% of the classified meteorites have a chemical composition, which was proven in a 2000 study, matching the unique isotopes in the exact same proportions as the gaseous composition of Mars' thin atmosphere. This chemical composition has not been discovered anywhere else in the solar system which led to NASA confirming in 1980 that the meteorites "don't look like anything so much as the Viking measurements of the Martian atmostphere."

Get your very own fragment of the shergotitte formed by lava flows on the planet Mars! Each fragment comes enclosed in an acrylic display case along with an info card and individually-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Authenticity: Originally purchased by STEMcell Science Shop from a meteorite collector with IMCA #6752.

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