Mars Rock Kit

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Get to know Mars with 6 rock samples similar to those found on the Red Planet.
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The Mars Rock Kit contains six hand samples of rocks which are similar to rocks found on Mars.

It also comes with a Teacher's Guide which contains information about the evolution of our neighboring planet.

The six samples include:
-Mineral: Sulfur - Sulfur is a native element that forms from chemical precipitation.
-Mineral: Hematite - Hematite is an accessory mineral that forms from the primary crystallization of intrusive or extrusive volcanic rocks.
-Mineral: Gypsum - Gypsum is a chemical sedimentary mineral, or an evaporite.
-Rock: Vesicular Basalt - Basalts are a fine grained extrusive igneous rock that are formed from the partial melt of the mangle peridotite.
-Rock: Arenite - Arenites are a sedimentary rock deposited from both wind and water.
-Rock: Breccia - Breccias contain angular, randomly oriented clasts in a fine-grained matrix.

Detailed descriptions of each sample are included, plus chemical composition, color, luster, hardness, and cleavage.


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