Set of 3 NASA 1000pc Puzzles

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Assemble the Earth, Moon, and Mars in stunning detail with this bundle of three incredibly detailed 1,000 piece 26.5" circular puzzles.

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Featuring some of the clearest images to date, courtesy of NASA, these three 1,000 piece puzzles show the Earth, Moon, and Mars in brilliant high definition. Ranging from medium to challenging in difficulty, these 26.5" diameter round puzzles are fun for the whole family to assemble.

See even the tiniest of the Moon's craters in stunning clarity, identify notable features like the Red Planet's Valles Marineris trench, and view the Western Hemisphere with the range of landscapes from deserts to jungles and the varying cloud patterns over the Pacific Ocean. Astronomers and puzzle-lovers alike will enjoy these unique, top-selling jigsaw puzzles.

Save 15% when you buy this set!

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