The Beauty of Space Art: An Illustrated Journey through the Cosmos

Jon Ramer & Ron Miller
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Take a journey through the cosmos and walk through the beautiful illustrations known as space art.
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Take a journey through the cosmos and walk through the beautiful illustrations known as space art.  Marvel at the journey of space art that began in ancient times and makes its way to the visions of today.

Split into two parts, this book first takes us through the art of astronomy from the industrial revolution to the 20th century space age. In the second part, we learn about techniques and sub-genres of art which includes concepts of hardware art and cosmic expressionism. Painting a vivid story of the universe, this book is made to entertain and inspire anybody who is interested in the beauty of space through the means of art.

Author: Jon Ramer & Ron Miller
Size: 8.2" x 10.9"
Pages: 301
Table of Contents

Part I The History of Space Art
1 Introduction to the Beauty of Space Art
Jon Ramer
2 Astronomical Art: From Ancient Times to the Industrial Revolution
Don Davis
3 Pioneers of the Final Frontier: Space Art from Victorian Times to World War II
Ron Miller
4 The Spreading of Astronomical Art: World War II to the Moon Landings
Ron Miller
5 Space Art as a Modern Movement: From the Moon to Today
Lois Rosson and Ron Miller
6 The Founding of a Guild
Kara Szathmáry, Ron Miller, and Jon Ramer
7 Patrons of the (Space) Arts
Steve Hobbs
8 How Artists Changed Our Perceptions
Jon Ramer

Part II Styles and Techniques of Space Art
9 Rocks & Balls: Classical/Naturalistic Paintings
Michael Carroll
10 Hardware Art: Space Art Meets Rocket Science .
Aldo Spadoni
11 “Swirly Art”: Techniques and Masterpieces of the Experimental and Abstract
Ron Miller, Kara Szathmáry, Judith Broome-Riviere, and Jon Ramer
12 Going Digital
Ron Miller and Nick Stevens
13 More than Paint or Pixels: Three-Dimensional Space Art
Matt Colborn
14 Balancing Science, Size, and Subjectivity
Mark Garlick
15 Planetary Analogues: Other Planets Here on Earth
Jon Ramer
16 Afterword: The Future of the Genre
Ron Miller
Appendix A: Further Reading & Resources

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