Basher Science: Complete Periodic Table

Simon Basher & Dan Green
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Oxygen, Boron and Carbon elements; Learn which element has the most style of the bunch!


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Make learning the periodic table fun for your child!

The “social butterfly” – Carbon is in almost everything we eat and everything you see, from sugar, fiber, body waste, plants and the air that we breathe.

Gallium is a bit on the tough side but melts very easily, compared to other metals.

The oxygen elements are more like friends, parts of the same circle but nothing alike. Oxygen elements include a mix of solids, gases, nonmetals, a radioactive metal and metalloids.

Learn about all the other cool (and not so cool) elements that make up the periodic table with Basher Science: The Complete Periodic Table — More Elements with Style. The characteristics of each element are described as personality traits, allowing your child to learn the elements in an entertaining way. Learn about the element's melting point, the date of discovery, elements that work well together, those that don't and more!


  • Detachable Periodic table poster 
  • Glossary & Index

Recommended ages: 5+

Publisher: Kingfisher
Author: Simon Basher & Dan Green
Pages: 192
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