We Are the Apollo 11 Crew

Zoë Tucker
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Relive the exciting moment when humans first landed on the moon!
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Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins were three talented people who were part of the Apollo 11 crew. Each member had a special job to reach their goal of being the first people to land on the moon. Neil was the flight commander; Mike was the pilot of the main spacecraft and Buzz piloted the lunar module to the moon’s surface. While working together to accomplish their goal they also became the best of friends.

This book details the amazing teamwork between these three astronauts to accomplish something that had never been done before by using colorful illustrations that will keep any young reader’s attention.

Friends Change the World is a series of picture books that commends the power of friendship. Each book focuses on a different story of sports champions, scientists, artists and many more. These people all worked together to reach a common goal while becoming friends in the process.

Author: Zoë Tucker
Size: 8.66" x 9.72"
Pages: 32