Bang!! 2: The Complete History of the Universe

Brian May, Chris Lintott, Sir Patrick Moore, Hannah Wakeford
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From astrophysicist Brian May, this second edition of the original bestseller is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to understand the origins and evolution of our universe.
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Along with his co-authors Patrick Moore, Chris Lintott, and Hannah Wakeford, Brian May explains the Big Bang and everything that followed along with updated information since the first edition was published - including thousands of newly discovered planets, the expanded 'habitable zone' and more!  Written for enthusiasts at all levels of expertise, it outlines the strict order in which events occurred - without using math -  so it is understandable and approachable.

The latest findings about the evolution of stars and galaxies are included, as well as current thinking about our ultimate origins.  Ideas about dark matter and dark energy are explained, all illustrated with new images from the world's largest telescopes and space missions.

This essential book also features beautifully illustrated artwork by the world's finest astronomical artists and previously unpublished photographs taken by Brian May through his own observatory telescope.

Author Brian May is a member of the rock band Queen, and is also a Doctor of Astrophysics.

Author: Brian May, Chris Lintott, Sir Patrick Moore, Hannah Wakeford
Size: 7x9
Pages: 208
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