Haynes Milky Way Owners' Workshop Manual

Gemma Lavender
Item #81635

Learn everything there (currently) is to know about our home galaxy! This hardcover guide looks at the structure, formation, and evolution of the Milky Way in extensive detail that’s broken down into an easy-to-read format.
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Take a tour of the Milky Way while getting an inside look at the fascinating elements of our galaxy, including stars, supernovae, planetary systems, black holes, and infinite other phenomena just waiting to be discovered. Get a feel for just how limited our current picture of the Milky Way is and the spacecraft working to expand our understanding of it.

All this information is formatted as an owners’ workshop manual in an instructional manner so convincing you might just think you’ve traveled the galaxy, yet digestible enough for any layperson to understand.

Author Gemma Lavender has a plethora of science writing experience, through serving as the Editor of All About Space and having written for organizations including NASA and ESA. This expertise paired with countless full-color images and photographs result in an outstandingly thorough guide.

Space enthusiasts, amateur astronomers, and anyone who loves to learn will appreciate this Haynes owners’ workshop manual that explores the unfathomable activity occurring right here in our home galaxy.

Author: Gemma Lavender
Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 172
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